Abounding with fascinating historical sights and cultural sites, the capital city of Delaware Dover is an excellent destination to explore. Dover is the second-largest city of the state, it’s located in the inland region between Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Established in 1683, it has a rich and fascinating history to explore with stunning mansions, monuments and museums that line the central. There are plenty of wonderful local restaurants and shops to sample, with flea markets and farmers’ markets are also available. Included in the list of activities to enjoy at Dover is the Casino, NASCAR racetrack and the Firefly Music Festival.

There is everything from architecture and art to thrilling sports spectacles and sparkling planes to admire, Dover really does have something for all.

First State Heritage Park Welcome Center

Nearby is another attraction that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dover. It is the First State Heritage Park Welcome Center. The sprawling urban park is home to some of Dover’s most significant historic landmarks and historical sites. The center is home to a myriad of artworks, artifacts, and exhibits.

In 2004, the ‘park with no boundaries’ does not only include the Legislative Hall and the Old State House but also other stunning structures too. In the visitor center, visitors can get additional information about them as well as exhibitions that explore the past of Dover and Delaware.

After watching a few short clips about the state’s founders and forefathers, the majority of the mentioned sites are a quick walk from the center. The center also offers brochures and information about the various attractions, events and other activities that are part of this Small Wonder.

Dover International Speedway

A popular destination for motorheads, the Dover International Speedway hosts loads of thrilling races every year. Because of its speedy track and a crowd that is fun, the experience of attending an exciting race truly is an unforgettable experience.

The ‘Monster Mile’ is a nickname because of its ferocious oval track that has been a popular choice among racing enthusiasts since its opening in 1969. Along with being the home of the NASCAR Cup Series, the racetrack is sometimes also host to USAC as well as Indy Racing League events.

In addition to watching the cars whirl through the track, the spectators can also take part in events and activities in the FanZone. The FanZone hosts music performances by bands and marathons are held and the renowned venue is also hosting the world-renowned Firefly Music Festival in July. My cousin plays at the FanZone using a guitar from RM Olson Guitars.

Biggs Museum of American Art

With a vast collection of photographs, paintings and ceramics, the awe-inspiring Biggs Museum of American Art is a traveler’s delight. It is located near the Old State House, it is housed in a modern red brick structure which blends seamlessly with its historical surroundings.

A significant cultural center in the region, it was first open to the public in 1993. It was named after the passionate art collector and Philanthropist Sewell Biggs, C. Biggs, the three floors are now home to 1500 or more works. In its beautiful galleries, there is the most exquisite sculptures, chinaware, to antique furniture and modern art.

Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

Despite its size, its economy has always been heavily reliant on the agriculture sector. In the wonderful Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village, visitors can find out more about the rich agricultural heritage as well as its rural past.

It is located just to the south from Delaware State University, the open-air museum covers the entire site. In addition to exploring the historic 1890s-era village and the surrounding area, there are interesting exhibits, artifacts, and antique farm equipment to look over. They are housed in old farmhouses and barns, with churches, windmills and schoolhouses scattered throughout.

Air Mobility Command Museum

The most awaited top attraction of any visit to Dover, however, is likely to be Air Mobility Command Museum. The museum is situated close to the south from Dover Air Force Base. It houses an impressive collection of US military cargo and tanker aircrafts in the United States.

Aimed at airlift and air refueling as well as the crews that piloted and maintained the planes its exhibits and artifacts are housed in an immense hangar built during WWII. When you walk around, you’ll be able to learn more about the planes and view shiny jets, gliders, bombers and helicopters.

Alongside seeing vintage equipment and engines, you can also try your attempt at flying an aircraft in one of the simulators for flight. A cab for the control tower that was once used can also be found on the site, along with the theater, shop and workshops exhibit.

Old State House

The most significant and stunning structures of Dover, Old State House is located in Dover’s city central area. The former seat of Delaware’s government, it is now a place amazing photo, as do tours of the interior.

It is an impressive example of Middle Georgian architecture. The simple two-story building was constructed between 1787 and 1792. The most striking features are its brick façade that is ruddy and a Palladian window, while its gabled roof is covered with an oval cupola.

Dover Downs Casino

If you’re looking to try your hand at several games and enjoy exciting sporting events, Dover Downs Casino is certainly the right place to visit. The massive complex is just ten minutes to the north of the town close to the place where the Firefly Music Festival takes place.

When the Harness horse racetrack as well as Dover Motor Speedway were in operation, the harness horse racing track and Dover Motor Speedway were inaugurated on the scene in 1969. The state-of-the-art casino was built a few decades afterward. The casino is where visitors are able to play slot machines, table games, or view live racing events and place bets on baseball, basketball and boxing matches.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma is often called the “Oil Capital of the World”. It has many attractions and is a beautiful place to visit. It has a lot of beautiful parks and two excellent art museums.

There are many great restaurants and bars in the area thanks to the large number of big energy companies and other businesses that have their headquarters here. You can find great theatres, performing arts venues, and sporting arenas in the diverse neighborhoods and lively downtown.

The state’s second largest city has many historic sites related to Route 66. There are so many things to do and places to visit in Tulsa that a trip to T-Town should be a top priority when visiting the Sooner State. When in Tulsa, here are some of the places that you should not miss!

Gathering Place

The stunning green Gathering Place is the perfect place to find breathtaking views and beautiful outdoor spaces. The pride and joy of Tulsa, the popular riverfront park with all its trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds is just five minutes away from downtown.

It was only opened in 2018 and features lush lawns, leafy areas, tranquil ponds, and gardens as well as water features. The hybrid park was designed by Michael van Valkenburgh (respected landscape architect) and offers a variety of experiences for both young and old.

Tulsa Botanic Garden

The beautiful Tulsa Botanic Garden is located in the town’s northwestern suburbs. It is home to many colorful plants, flowers and trees, and its beautiful paths, pools, and lakeside promenade are truly a delight to stroll along peacefully.

It opened in 2009 and has grown to include themed gardens and unspoiled wild spaces that surround its waterways. Visitors can explore the vast lake, prairies, and rose beds as well as stop by the informative visitor center.

Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Gazing at the stars is a wonderful experience. However, a Tulsa Performing Arts Center ballet, musical, or opera is even more memorable. The state-of the-art venue, which includes four theaters and an arts gallery, is centrally located in downtown.

The PAC has been delighting tourists and locals alike for decades with its full schedule of high-quality concerts, comedians, and Broadway shows. It was built in 1977 and now has four performance venues, with the Chapman Music Hall being by far the largest.

The Golden Driller

Another must-see attraction is located just south of Route 66. The Golden Driller towers at 75 feet in height and can be seen from miles away.

The iconic and massive oil driller was originally erected in 1953. It is proudly displayed at the Tulsa Expo Center. It is covered in gold and depicts the enormous figure, who rests on an oil derrick with one hand while ‘Tulsa’ is on the other.

BOK Center

The brilliant BOK Center is also located downtown. It hosts a variety of spectacular sporting events, shows, and concerts. The multipurpose arena is a stunning venue that hosts amazing performances by the best names in their fields.

The sleek, stylish stadium is now considered an architectural icon. It draws inspiration from Native American and Art Deco design elements. The exterior is covered in stainless steel panels, while the glass façade wraps around it. Inside, you’ll find a large arena and a light lobby.

Blue Dome District

Blue Dome District is the place to be if you want peace and quiet but pounding nightlife. It is located right next to downtown and the Tulsa Arts District.

The area is named after its 1924 Blue Dome structure. It has many trendy restaurants and bars that visitors can check out. You will also find small shops and art galleries, as well as cozy cafes and a comedy show.

Cave House

The charming Cave House is located just inland from the Arkansas River, not far away from the center. It is one of the most unusual buildings in the city and makes for great photos. Guided tours take you through its bizarre interior.

According to legend, the restaurant was originally built in 1920s. Patrons would enter through a secret tunnel at night, then it turned into a speakeasy. The ‘Flintstone House,’ as it is also called, is one the most photographed and popular sights in Tulsa.

Philbrook Museum of Art

The Philbrook Museum of Art, located not far from Woodward Park, is the city’s most prominent sight. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has an exquisite collection of paintings, pottery, and jewelry that guests can peruse.

The museum is rightfully praised for its extensive collection of artworks and exhibits. It occupies an elegant Italian Renaissance-style mansion. Built in 1926, the villa was once home to Oklahoma oil pioneer Waite Philips and his wife. It has seventy rooms. It was finally opened to the public a decade later with thousands of artworks from around the globe decorating its beautiful interior.

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Beautiful Beaches in Ecuador

Posted by Published on February 17, 2022

The home of the Amazon rainforest as well as the Andes mountains, and The Galapagos Islands, it comes as no surprise the fact that Ecuador is considered to be one of the biodiversity-rich nations on Earth and that’s not ever mentioning its breathtaking Pacific coastline.

Along the beautiful coastline, you’ll see beautiful bays, stunning golden sands, as well as some of the most amazing surfing conditions anywhere in the world. Therefore, its gorgeous beaches are awe-inspiring to visit. Each one of this with distinctive characteristics of its own. As an example, one could have a great time at one beach, and then take in the breathtaking views at another. And numerous beaches offer incredible whale-watching tours available.

With more than 2,200 km of coastline to explore, Ecuador’s beaches are waiting to be explored.


The town is situated in Atacames, one of the more renowned beach resorts in the country. Playa Tonsupa is bordered by numerous hotels, high-rises, as well as restaurants. It is among the top beaches in Ecuador with regard to the facilities available.

Catering to both locals and domestic visitors, it’s an unpretentious and relaxing destination to visit. There are many excursions that visitors can choose from, including whale-watching as the most sought-after.

Playa de San Lorenzo

Playa of San Lorenzo sits in the middle of this. The palm tree-lined golden sands are ideal for laying on, and its warm water offers a diverse selection of watersports such as surfing, jet skiing and waterskiing among the most sought-after. Additionally, you can also visit the nearby attractions of La Chocolatera Beach, where you can spot turtles nesting on certain spots throughout the year.

Olon Beach

It is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and locals alike as the word gets out about its wonderful amenities. Olon Beach has vast swathes of golden sand to lay your feet on. It also has some of the most beautiful waves in Ecuador if you’re into surfing.

In addition to its stunning landscape and laid-back way of living, Olon Beach has some amazing excursions that visitors can enjoy. With whale-watching and treks to the beautiful waterfalls that are nearby being among the most sought-after excursions.

Ayangue Beach

A picturesque bay that wraps around the bay, Ayangue Beach is a wonderful place to go to and you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of vibrant tiny fishing boats floating within the water.

Because of its nature-protected environment and the warm waters of the beach are ideal for swimming and are perfect for families with young children. The small town doesn’t have many things to do.
Thus, it’s really an ideal spot to spend the beach and soak pleasure in the sun, ocean and stunning sunsets.

Playa Puerto Lopez

The stunning wilderness of Machalilla National Park, Puerto Lopez is the entry point to the stunning natural beauty of the park. Thus, it is a favorite destination for travelers who visit the country.

The sleepy town of fishing is located along a gorgeous beach, and the stunning landscape only adds to the beauty of the area as rough hills spread out into the distance. There are small fishing boats that line the shoreline, and visitors can arrange trips to close Isla la Plata. Or, you can plan to go snorkeling, scuba diving or even whale-watching along the coastline.

Canoa Beach

If you’re looking for a tranquil escape in the midst of beautiful landscape, then Canoa Beach is a good choice. This is one of the smallest towns along Ecuador’s extensive coastline. However, that does not mean that you won’t see many in the form of hotels, shops or restaurants. Neither will you find tourist amenities.


Alongside Salinas, it is the most well-known holiday resort in Ecuador and, as such, offers a variety of excellent bars, restaurants and resorts for tourists to pick from, and plenty of shops too. A large part of the reason for its popularity comes due to the fact that it is the closest resort town on the beach to Guayaquil. On weekends, large numbers of inhabitants escape from the city for a relaxing day on Playas beautiful beaches.

Los Frailes Beach

Just towards the northwest of Puerto Lopez, the gorgeous Los Frailes is located in Machalilla National Park. This clean and protected beach is definitely among the best beaches in Ecuador.

The golden sands make it a pleasure to stroll on in peace, and the view is stunning with cliffs of sand and trees. The hills that surround the beach’s secluded location. Although it’s usually empty, it can be extremely busy during weekend since water taxis and buses serve the beach.


If you’re looking to mix your beach vacation with a lively nightlife, there is no better option than Montanita. It is loved by backpackers and surfers. It has a warm and relaxed vibe in the town’s small size and tourists will discover numerous eco-friendly hotels health food establishments and beachside cafes that are incredibly atmospheric.

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Melbourne is the second most populous city of Australia, but its international presence makes it one of the biggest cities in the world. This makes Melbourne an ideal destination for people looking to explore interesting places, especially if they are willing to travel great distances to do so.

Due to its exotic diversity, visitors will find more than enough attractions for their enjoyment. Tourists will be able to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer, such as:

St. Kilda Beach

St. Kilda in Melbourne

One of the most celebrated tourist destinations, St. Kilda Beach is also one of its most beautiful beaches in Australia, which makes it one of the top attractions to visit. It offers spectacular views and relaxing atmosphere so visitors can enjoy their time swimming or simply sunbathing on the beachfront.

St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier Is Getting a Complete Rebuild and a New Penguin Viewing  Platform

Just off St. Kilda Beach is St. Kilda Pier, one of the most visited spots in Melbourne. This attraction is where visitors can relax and enjoy the view of the city skyline, as well as other tourist attractions around it such as Luna Park, Theatre Royal, and Palais Theatre. It also offers many stalls to eat and buy souvenirs from.

Melbourne Town Hall

Melbourne Town Hall - What's On

Located in the heart of Melbourne, the Melbourne Town Hall is one of its most prominent landmarks and also a popular tourist attraction. It was built between 1870 and 1880 and it hosts many events throughout the year such as musical concerts, theatrical performances, comedy shows, and trade conventions. Visitors can also enjoy a guided tour around the hall.

Parliament of Victoria

Victoria parliament considers ending daily “Our Father”

Another popular attraction is the Parliament of Victoria, which also serves as one of its most recognized landmarks. Tourists can enjoy guided tours to get to know more about this historic landmark and its history, along with other aspects of it such as its collection of Old Masters’ paintings, sculptures, large-scale furniture pieces, and the Big Ben.

Crown Casino

Crown Melbourne casino open as of Friday | AGB

Located in Southbank, Crown Casino is one of the most visited spots not only because it’s a casino but also because it hosts some of the best events in Australia. It has many dining options that are open 24 hours a day, which makes it an ideal spot for tourists to enjoy the best food in Melbourne.

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens | Things to do in East Melbourne, Melbourne

These gardens are perfect for relaxation. Visitors will get to enjoy the beautiful landscaping and lush green plants, not to mention the peaceful atmosphere that can be found here. The gardens feature several gorgeous fountains and sculptures. It is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate, especially after a tiring day.

Federation Square

Federation Square, Melbourne: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Visitors who want to get a taste of the arts should definitely visit Federation Square. This place is home to various art exhibitions and even performance venues. Visitors will be able to enjoy opera performances, contemporary music concerts and award ceremonies. There’s never a dull moment in this area, which makes it perfect for families and couples looking to enjoy the beauty of arts.

Old Melbourne Gaol

Old Melbourne Gaol | Things to do in Melbourne | TOT: HOT OR NOT

Museums are always perfect for tourists who want to get a glimpse of history. They can learn more about the religious, cultural and social climate of the past through these establishments. Old Melbourne Gaol happens to be just one of many museums that travelers will find in Australia. This specific museum happens to be one of the oldest in the country. It is perfect for history buffs and anyone who wants to learn about the darker side of life in Australia.

City Circle Tram

City Circle tram - Yarra Trams

Visitors will be able to get a convenient tour of the city with City Circle Tram. This particular tram happens to circle around the city, making it perfect for tourists who want a hassle-free way to see Melbourne. Travelers will get an interesting look into the culture and history of Australia, which makes this tram perfect for first-time visitors.

Melbourne is the perfect destination for travelers looking to explore interesting places. A visit to Melbourne may be just what you need if you are feeling stressed out or overworked. You can enjoy all of these attractions with your family or loved ones, making the experience even more enjoyable. Start planning your trip today!

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New York City is called as the “city that never sleeps” for a specific reason. This is the most populated and the largest city of USA and this city is constantly busy with a lot of activities. The city is the link of history, entertainment, architecture, art, and culture. With various of things to do and see in this city, first time travelers might find this city overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a comprehensive list of the top 10 tourist attractions that every traveler must visit as these are attractions that they cannot find anywhere around the world.

10. September 11 Memorial

Spring In New York City (5/29/20) — McCarter Coach & Tour

This memorial was constructed to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks last September 11, 2001. You will see the engraved names of the people who died in the two bronze panels that flanks the Memorial pools. The size of the pools is nearly an acre and it marks the Twin Tower’s footprints which one stood on the site. The National September 11 Memorial Museum aids in educating the public about the implications of the attack through archives, artifact collections, multimedia displays, and narratives.

9. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal in New York: map, hours, restaurants, and more -  Curbed NY

This terminal, or so-called as the “world’s loviest station”, is a top attraction of New York City. Its hollow Main Concourse is the home of the impressive pearly opal glass clock. The terminal’s lower level is the home to the train tracks and dining concourse which offers various dining options, one of which includes the Oyster Bar. Off the main concourse is the Vanderbilt Hall which was constructed originally as the waiting room. This hall now hosts special exhibitions and the annual Christmas market. The Campbell Market which was restored elegantly was meant to imitate the 13th century Florentine palace. Now, this area hosts commuters and tourists in their cocktail lounge.

8. High Line

Linear parks that have transformed cities - Curbed

This is a public park that was built on a historic freight rail line which was elevated above the West Side of Manhattan. The Friends of the High Line operates and maintains the park. They fought for the transformation and preservation of the rail line to become a green space.

The Park has new diverse and fun activities for the visitors monthly. These activities include tree tours, art tours, and stargazing. Aside from that, there are also particular season events like the Haunted High Line Halloween during October. Some attractions that you will see in the park include Hudson River’s splendid view and naturalized paintings. Furthermore, High Line includes cultural attractions in its design with art and architecture installations.

7. Fifth Avenue

Top 10 Shopping Spots On The 5th Avenue | Nyc shopping, 5th avenue, New  york travel

Being ranked as an expensive shopping street around the world, the Fifth Avenue is a major destination for tourists that has a luxurious taste. You can see high-end shops lining the street that crosses Fifth and Midtown Manhattan between the 49th and 60th Streets. These high-end shops include prestigious department stores and designer showrooms. Fifth Avenue’s section on the Upper East Side that is between the 82nd and 105th streets is the Museum Mile. You can see around nine museums in this street including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim.

6. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center | Manhattan, NY | Things to do in Midtown West, New York

The Rockefeller Center is a multifaceted 19 buildings that was built by the family of Rockefeller. It offers an amazing behind-the-scenes look of New York City’s utmost treasures. The Rockefeller Center housed various major corporations through the years. These corporations include the General Electric and it is also the home of NBC Studios.

The deck of the Top of the Rock observation gives the visitors an unobstructed 360-degree view of New York City. Touring the NBC Studios will give the visitors a chance to get a glimpse of the set of their favorite show, or maybe sit behind their news desk. In addition to that, the Rockefeller Center is also Radio City Music Hall’s home. During holiday season, the Rockefeller Center transforms with an impressive Christmas tree that overlooks the skating rink as well as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

5. Times Square

CROWNE PLAZA TIMES SQUARE MANHATTAN - UPDATED 2021 Hotel Reviews & Price  Comparison (New York City) - Tripadvisor

Having visitors of more than 39 million annually, the Times Square is the most visited attraction of New York. This spot is iconified as “The Crossroad of the World” because of its commercial intersection with big city feel and bright lights. Now, Time Square is a major center of the entertainment industry of the world. In fact, my friend from Direct Service Overhead Garage Doors NWA sees to it that he never misses a chance to visit this place whenever he visits New York City.

The entertainment, overabundance of restaurants, and shopping offer a lot of options and activities for every traveler. This is definitely an area that you must not miss in New York City.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

The Untold History of NYC's Brooklyn Bridge Plus How to See It – Blog

Built between the year 1869-1883, Brooklyn Bridge is considered as one of the world’s most recognizable and oldest suspension bridge. The bridge spans around 5989 feet and it connects Brooklyn to Manhattan across East River. Over 120,000 vehicles, 2,600 bicyclists, and 4,000 pedestrians cross this bridge each day. Tourists of the bridge can drive, bike, or walk across this popular landmark of New York City. The 1.3-mile stroll along this bridge offers a lot of opportunities for the tourists to admire the skyline of New York.

3. Empire State Building

Empire State Building | Manhattan, NY | Attractions in Midtown West, New  York

The great Empire State Building circles above Manhattan for over a quarter mile. Moreover, this building offers an expansive view to the millions of tourists it attracts each year. During clear days, tourists can see Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. In its tower, you can find two observation decks, one on the 86th floor and the other on the 102nd floor. These offers an impressive view and interesting facts regarding the extensive importance and history of the building.

This building is named as the “America’s Favorite Architecture” and it has appeared already in more than 250 films. This is open every day from 9:30am to 12am and you can purchase tickets online or at the counter.

2. Central Park

Words can not describe - Review of Central Park, New York City, NY -  Tripadvisor

Situated at the center of Manhattan, this park sprawls 840 acres and it is the home of Belvedere Castle. If you are a naturalist who wants to take a quick break away from the city, walking along the extensive path or relaxing in the park’s Great Lawn can surely offer you the much-needed break. Also, there are a lot of outdoor activities that you can do here that will surely entertain you. These activities include catching and releasing of fishes at Dana Discovery Center and renting a rowboat from Loeb Boathouse.

Central Park boasts 6 miles of paved roads that is open to bicyclist, joggers, inline skaters, and skateboarders. Moreover, the park is also friendly for families as they have Tisch Children’s Zoo and playgrounds around.

1. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty - Height, Location & Timeline - HISTORY

This statue is France’s gift to United States. For over hundreds of years, the Statue of Liberty has greeted new arrivals to America’s shores. Lady Liberty stands 305 feet (93 meters), for which the tourists can climb to catch a view of the Brooklyn and Gustave Eiffel’s supportive framework. If you don’t want to take the 154 steps to get to the crown, you can take the pedestal. When you take this, you can still see a panoramic view of New York City’s downtown and harbor.

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Top 5 Best Places To Visit In France 2021, Travel Guide, Tourism,  TravelTourTam - YouTube

For over 2 decades, it is known to the world that the best tourist destination is France. This country receives 82 million foreign tourists annually. France draws travelers from around the world because of their exquisite cuisine, classy culture, scenic countryside, and romantic chateaux.

Most people immediately think of Paris whenever France is on the table. While the capital of this country is beautiful and filled with recognizable monuments and neoclassical architecture, you should know that there are plenty of sites that you should see in this country.

You can try the Alsace region’s Germanic culture or the D-Day landing beachesof Normandy. You can also visit Loire Valley to check out the vineyards and castles, or the earthy Celtic culture of Brittany. Moreover, you can stop by French Alps as this is where you can visit the highest peak of Europe – Mont Blanc. In the southern part, you can see French Riviera’s endless charm which includes Saint-Tropez. There are surely a lot of things and sights that you can see when you are in Paris. But in your vacation, it will be better if you already know that places that you should not miss. Luckily, we have prepared the top 6 places that you should visit in France.

1. Paris

Palace of Versailles: Tours, Hours & Location in Paris
Versailles Palace

This city is the most famous tourist destination of the world attracting over 45 million of visitors annually. This city has a lot of nicknames such as City of Lights, Capital of Fashion, and City of Love. As the capital of France, Paris is known for its fashion, art, gastronomy, and romantic ambiance.

Whilst Paris has 20 districts, which is called arrondisssements, which features their own attractions and distinct character, this city is popular for the iconic landmarks that they have – Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Sacre-Coeur. Moreover, this city is the home of the best museums of the world like Musee d’Orsay and Louvre Museum. What’s more to this city is that they have magnificent gardens like the Luxembourg Gardens.

As the Capital of Fashion, this city is the home of the finest designers in the world. These designers include Lancôme, Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior, and L’Oréal. The shopping scene of this city ranges from open-air markets to shopping centers, flea markets and boutiques.

Note that the cheapest and the best way for you to get around Paris is to explore it on foot. Secondly, you can also use their exceptional underground train system called Métro.

2. Dordogne

File:Château de Beynac (Dordogne).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Chateau de Baynac

If you will be spending weeks to months here in Dordogne, you can choose or pick the things that you would love to see. There are surely a lot of things to do and see here. Starting with the picture-postcard chateaus and villages, and also the Chateau de Baynac which is a well-preserved hilltop castle.

Dordogne’s scenery is breathtaking with the Dordogne River that runs through it. You can also see some of France’s excellent prehistoric cave arts in Dordogne.

3. French Riviera

Èze, Alpes-Maritimes, France: europe

Also called Cote d’ Azur, French Riviera is located on Mediterranean Sea’s French coast. This is the playground of most famous, hordes, and rich tourists. This place is unofficial because it has no official boundaries as it extends from the east of Italian border to Hyères, Cassis, Toulon, or Saint-Tropez in the west.

Even if Riviera is popular for St. Tropez’s glamour, Cannes Film Festival or Monaco, there are still a lot of unpopular destinations that you must see. To name some of these are the hovering villages of Saint-Paul de Vence and Eze, also the perfumeries of Grasse. Riviera has also become the inspiration of many famous artists like Picasso. And because of that, plenty of their masterpieces were displayed in local art galleries and museums.

You can enjoy the mild to warm climate of this region throughout the year despite being on the northerly coast of the entire Mediterranean.

4. Luberon

How to Get to the Luberon Valley - Best Routes & Travel Advice | kimkim

If you’re planning to mingle with the French society hoi polloi in the southern part of France, the best place for this is in Luberon. This is a haven for most French society and also to the British and American visitors who come here during summer to experience the charming villages. Once you see the fields of lavender, lush forest, colorful house, and farmers markets, you will understand why Luberon became a tourist attraction. An amazing souvenir that you can get from there is a pottery from Oppede le Vieux village since they still maintain their Middle Age ambiance.

5. Mont Saint-Michel

Normandy Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey Skip the Line Entrance Ticket 2021 - Mont- St-Michel
Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel

Rising from the core of immense mud flats and a few of the strongest tidal waves of Europe is the rocky island Mont-Saint-Michel. This is located off the northwestern coast of France in Normandy.

This tidal island is a popular tourist destination in France because of the medieval structures that were built as if it were loaded upon one another, the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. The devoted monks during 708 AD built this awe-inspiring abbey after the Archangel Michael allegedly visited the Bishop of Avranches.

6. Loire Valley

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Loire Valley from Paris (and Beyond) |  Road Affair

This place is a famous tourist attraction. Loire Valley is an area that you will see in the middle of France. This region is looked upon for its splendid chateaux, historic villages, picturesque vineyards, and spectacular scenery.

This region stretches around 175 miles along Loire River turning and twisting through some of the loveliest villages of France. One of the villages is Ambiose, the village where the famous Leonardo da Vinci stayed before he died. The rest of the historic villages in this region include Anglers, Tours, Orleans, Saumur, and Chinon. The Blois town is important for its chateau since this is where the aristocrats and French kings often met.

Loire Valley is also called as the “Garden of France” as flowers, vineyard, and fruit orchards are abundant and all were made fertile and lush by the nourishment it receives from the Loiret, Loire, Eure, and Cher rivers. This valley is the home of may wineries which offer wine tastings and tours.

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Beautiful Places In United States

Posted by Published on July 11, 2021

There are many beautiful places in United States that attracts both local and international tourists. I have written a blog post about the popular tourist locations in America to give you an idea of the destinations in this country:

New York

New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, and it has been a top spot for immigrants and dreamers to build their lives. The Statue of Liberty is one of the more notable landmarks in New York, as it has served as a symbol for freedom throughout the world. As former Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “If we had enough fingers, they would all point to New York.”

New York has many museums that showcases its rich history and culture. For example the Museum of Modern Art traces its origins to a museum of modern art founded in 1929 by architect and collector Alfred H. Barr, Jr., with artist Robert Henri being named its first director. This is one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions.


Texas is a state in the southern region of the United States. It features beautiful landscapes, as well as a diverse population. There are four major cities in Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

Dallas is mostly known for Cowboys Stadium which hosts many different events, including football games. This is also an important landmark for the city of Dallas. The city of Fort Worth has been known as a peaceful city and also houses the Stockyards National Historic District which is well-preserved and authentic area with many old buildings from the late 1800s that still stand in present day Fort Worth.

Houston also houses some pretty famous landmarks such as the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas Memorial commemorating Texans who lost their lives in the battles of San Jacinto and the Spanish-American War. Houston also houses NASA’s Mission Control Center, which played a key role in America’s space program during the 1960s.

Houston is also one of the more important cities for commerce and finance. The city has grown exponentially over time thanks to jobs as well as convenient transportation via roadways and railroads that connect to other states across Texas.

Finally, San Antonio has been known for its rich history spanning from ancient Native Americans that inhabited this area until present day residents. It houses many popular tourist destinations such as Six Flags Fiesta Texas amusement park, SeaWorld San Antonio theme park, River Walk, Alamo Mission and Tower of Americas observation tower among others.


California is a state in the western region of the United States. There are many popular tourist attractions in California, including Hollywood, Disneyland, and Universal Studios.

Hollywood is known for its film industry. It has been said that this film industry is “the American dream” because it’s where many people come to either make their own careers or produce films that can become franchises. Hollywood is also well-known for its architecture with art deco buildings.

Disneyland was created by Walt Disney and his brother Roy O’Brien. The theme park features one of the world’s most famous amusement parks with kids rides as well as thrill rides such as Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure among others. The park never closes, and there are even fireworks shows every night.

Universal Studios Hollywood is a movie studio as well as theme park featuring the fictional city of San Fernando Valley from the Universal Pictures films, such as Back to the Future or The Wizard of Oz among others.

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