There are many beautiful places in United States that attracts both local and international tourists. I have written a blog post about the popular tourist locations in America to give you an idea of the destinations in this country:

New York

New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, and it has been a top spot for immigrants and dreamers to build their lives. The Statue of Liberty is one of the more notable landmarks in New York, as it has served as a symbol for freedom throughout the world. As former Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “If we had enough fingers, they would all point to New York.”

New York has many museums that showcases its rich history and culture. For example the Museum of Modern Art traces its origins to a museum of modern art founded in 1929 by architect and collector Alfred H. Barr, Jr., with artist Robert Henri being named its first director. This is one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions.


Texas is a state in the southern region of the United States. It features beautiful landscapes, as well as a diverse population. There are four major cities in Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

Dallas is mostly known for Cowboys Stadium which hosts many different events, including football games. This is also an important landmark for the city of Dallas. The city of Fort Worth has been known as a peaceful city and also houses the Stockyards National Historic District which is well-preserved and authentic area with many old buildings from the late 1800s that still stand in present day Fort Worth.

Houston also houses some pretty famous landmarks such as the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas Memorial commemorating Texans who lost their lives in the battles of San Jacinto and the Spanish-American War. Houston also houses NASA’s Mission Control Center, which played a key role in America’s space program during the 1960s.

Houston is also one of the more important cities for commerce and finance. The city has grown exponentially over time thanks to jobs as well as convenient transportation via roadways and railroads that connect to other states across Texas.

Finally, San Antonio has been known for its rich history spanning from ancient Native Americans that inhabited this area until present day residents. It houses many popular tourist destinations such as Six Flags Fiesta Texas amusement park, SeaWorld San Antonio theme park, River Walk, Alamo Mission and Tower of Americas observation tower among others.


California is a state in the western region of the United States. There are many popular tourist attractions in California, including Hollywood, Disneyland, and Universal Studios.

Hollywood is known for its film industry. It has been said that this film industry is “the American dream” because it’s where many people come to either make their own careers or produce films that can become franchises. Hollywood is also well-known for its architecture with art deco buildings.

Disneyland was created by Walt Disney and his brother Roy O’Brien. The theme park features one of the world’s most famous amusement parks with kids rides as well as thrill rides such as Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure among others. The park never closes, and there are even fireworks shows every night.

Universal Studios Hollywood is a movie studio as well as theme park featuring the fictional city of San Fernando Valley from the Universal Pictures films, such as Back to the Future or The Wizard of Oz among others.