Abounding with fascinating historical sights and cultural sites, the capital city of Delaware Dover is an excellent destination to explore. Dover is the second-largest city of the state, it’s located in the inland region between Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Established in 1683, it has a rich and fascinating history to explore with stunning mansions, monuments and museums that line the central. There are plenty of wonderful local restaurants and shops to sample, with flea markets and farmers’ markets are also available. Included in the list of activities to enjoy at Dover is the Casino, NASCAR racetrack and the Firefly Music Festival.

There is everything from architecture and art to thrilling sports spectacles and sparkling planes to admire, Dover really does have something for all.

First State Heritage Park Welcome Center

Nearby is another attraction that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dover. It is the First State Heritage Park Welcome Center. The sprawling urban park is home to some of Dover’s most significant historic landmarks and historical sites. The center is home to a myriad of artworks, artifacts, and exhibits.

In 2004, the ‘park with no boundaries’ does not only include the Legislative Hall and the Old State House but also other stunning structures too. In the visitor center, visitors can get additional information about them as well as exhibitions that explore the past of Dover and Delaware.

After watching a few short clips about the state’s founders and forefathers, the majority of the mentioned sites are a quick walk from the center. The center also offers brochures and information about the various attractions, events and other activities that are part of this Small Wonder.

Dover International Speedway

A popular destination for motorheads, the Dover International Speedway hosts loads of thrilling races every year. Because of its speedy track and a crowd that is fun, the experience of attending an exciting race truly is an unforgettable experience.

The ‘Monster Mile’ is a nickname because of its ferocious oval track that has been a popular choice among racing enthusiasts since its opening in 1969. Along with being the home of the NASCAR Cup Series, the racetrack is sometimes also host to USAC as well as Indy Racing League events.

In addition to watching the cars whirl through the track, the spectators can also take part in events and activities in the FanZone. The FanZone hosts music performances by bands and marathons are held and the renowned venue is also hosting the world-renowned Firefly Music Festival in July. My cousin plays at the FanZone using a guitar from RM Olson Guitars.

Biggs Museum of American Art

With a vast collection of photographs, paintings and ceramics, the awe-inspiring Biggs Museum of American Art is a traveler’s delight. It is located near the Old State House, it is housed in a modern red brick structure which blends seamlessly with its historical surroundings.

A significant cultural center in the region, it was first open to the public in 1993. It was named after the passionate art collector and Philanthropist Sewell Biggs, C. Biggs, the three floors are now home to 1500 or more works. In its beautiful galleries, there is the most exquisite sculptures, chinaware, to antique furniture and modern art.

Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

Despite its size, its economy has always been heavily reliant on the agriculture sector. In the wonderful Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village, visitors can find out more about the rich agricultural heritage as well as its rural past.

It is located just to the south from Delaware State University, the open-air museum covers the entire site. In addition to exploring the historic 1890s-era village and the surrounding area, there are interesting exhibits, artifacts, and antique farm equipment to look over. They are housed in old farmhouses and barns, with churches, windmills and schoolhouses scattered throughout.

Air Mobility Command Museum

The most awaited top attraction of any visit to Dover, however, is likely to be Air Mobility Command Museum. The museum is situated close to the south from Dover Air Force Base. It houses an impressive collection of US military cargo and tanker aircrafts in the United States.

Aimed at airlift and air refueling as well as the crews that piloted and maintained the planes its exhibits and artifacts are housed in an immense hangar built during WWII. When you walk around, you’ll be able to learn more about the planes and view shiny jets, gliders, bombers and helicopters.

Alongside seeing vintage equipment and engines, you can also try your attempt at flying an aircraft in one of the simulators for flight. A cab for the control tower that was once used can also be found on the site, along with the theater, shop and workshops exhibit.

Old State House

The most significant and stunning structures of Dover, Old State House is located in Dover’s city central area. The former seat of Delaware’s government, it is now a place amazing photo, as do tours of the interior.

It is an impressive example of Middle Georgian architecture. The simple two-story building was constructed between 1787 and 1792. The most striking features are its brick façade that is ruddy and a Palladian window, while its gabled roof is covered with an oval cupola.

Dover Downs Casino

If you’re looking to try your hand at several games and enjoy exciting sporting events, Dover Downs Casino is certainly the right place to visit. The massive complex is just ten minutes to the north of the town close to the place where the Firefly Music Festival takes place.

When the Harness horse racetrack as well as Dover Motor Speedway were in operation, the harness horse racing track and Dover Motor Speedway were inaugurated on the scene in 1969. The state-of-the-art casino was built a few decades afterward. The casino is where visitors are able to play slot machines, table games, or view live racing events and place bets on baseball, basketball and boxing matches.

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