The home of the Amazon rainforest as well as the Andes mountains, and The Galapagos Islands, it comes as no surprise the fact that Ecuador is considered to be one of the biodiversity-rich nations on Earth and that’s not ever mentioning its breathtaking Pacific coastline.

Along the beautiful coastline, you’ll see beautiful bays, stunning golden sands, as well as some of the most amazing surfing conditions anywhere in the world. Therefore, its gorgeous beaches are awe-inspiring to visit. Each one of this with distinctive characteristics of its own. As an example, one could have a great time at one beach, and then take in the breathtaking views at another. And numerous beaches offer incredible whale-watching tours available.

With more than 2,200 km of coastline to explore, Ecuador’s beaches are waiting to be explored.


The town is situated in Atacames, one of the more renowned beach resorts in the country. Playa Tonsupa is bordered by numerous hotels, high-rises, as well as restaurants. It is among the top beaches in Ecuador with regard to the facilities available.

Catering to both locals and domestic visitors, it’s an unpretentious and relaxing destination to visit. There are many excursions that visitors can choose from, including whale-watching as the most sought-after.

Playa de San Lorenzo

Playa of San Lorenzo sits in the middle of this. The palm tree-lined golden sands are ideal for laying on, and its warm water offers a diverse selection of watersports such as surfing, jet skiing and waterskiing among the most sought-after. Additionally, you can also visit the nearby attractions of La Chocolatera Beach, where you can spot turtles nesting on certain spots throughout the year.

Olon Beach

It is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and locals alike as the word gets out about its wonderful amenities. Olon Beach has vast swathes of golden sand to lay your feet on. It also has some of the most beautiful waves in Ecuador if you’re into surfing.

In addition to its stunning landscape and laid-back way of living, Olon Beach has some amazing excursions that visitors can enjoy. With whale-watching and treks to the beautiful waterfalls that are nearby being among the most sought-after excursions.

Ayangue Beach

A picturesque bay that wraps around the bay, Ayangue Beach is a wonderful place to go to and you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of vibrant tiny fishing boats floating within the water.

Because of its nature-protected environment and the warm waters of the beach are ideal for swimming and are perfect for families with young children. The small town doesn’t have many things to do.
Thus, it’s really an ideal spot to spend the beach and soak pleasure in the sun, ocean and stunning sunsets.

Playa Puerto Lopez

The stunning wilderness of Machalilla National Park, Puerto Lopez is the entry point to the stunning natural beauty of the park. Thus, it is a favorite destination for travelers who visit the country.

The sleepy town of fishing is located along a gorgeous beach, and the stunning landscape only adds to the beauty of the area as rough hills spread out into the distance. There are small fishing boats that line the shoreline, and visitors can arrange trips to close Isla la Plata. Or, you can plan to go snorkeling, scuba diving or even whale-watching along the coastline.

Canoa Beach

If you’re looking for a tranquil escape in the midst of beautiful landscape, then Canoa Beach is a good choice. This is one of the smallest towns along Ecuador’s extensive coastline. However, that does not mean that you won’t see many in the form of hotels, shops or restaurants. Neither will you find tourist amenities.


Alongside Salinas, it is the most well-known holiday resort in Ecuador and, as such, offers a variety of excellent bars, restaurants and resorts for tourists to pick from, and plenty of shops too. A large part of the reason for its popularity comes due to the fact that it is the closest resort town on the beach to Guayaquil. On weekends, large numbers of inhabitants escape from the city for a relaxing day on Playas beautiful beaches.

Los Frailes Beach

Just towards the northwest of Puerto Lopez, the gorgeous Los Frailes is located in Machalilla National Park. This clean and protected beach is definitely among the best beaches in Ecuador.

The golden sands make it a pleasure to stroll on in peace, and the view is stunning with cliffs of sand and trees. The hills that surround the beach’s secluded location. Although it’s usually empty, it can be extremely busy during weekend since water taxis and buses serve the beach.


If you’re looking to mix your beach vacation with a lively nightlife, there is no better option than Montanita. It is loved by backpackers and surfers. It has a warm and relaxed vibe in the town’s small size and tourists will discover numerous eco-friendly hotels health food establishments and beachside cafes that are incredibly atmospheric.

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